Tjekvik launches new self-service solution for out-of-hours key drop-off and collection

Tjekvik new outdoor kiosk
  • New outdoor self-service kiosk delivers a seamless check-in and check-out experience for dealers and customers, around the clock
  • Kiosk also enables dealers to offer a drop-off and collection service at remote, high footfall locations, such as airports and retail outlets
  • Seamless integration with dealer management systems; creates more opportunities to promote value-added aftersales products and services
  • Durable design for all weathers; high-tech security ensures keys and data are safe at all times

Tjekvik, the leading producer of intelligent self-service technologies for dealer aftersales departments, has launched its new Outdoor kiosk, designed to deliver a seamless check-in and check-out solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a secure design and all-weather durability, the Outdoor kiosk provides additional flexibility and convenience for dealers and customers.

Tjekvik’s Outdoor kiosk allows dealers to support those customers who find it difficult to drop off or pick up their vehicles during traditional dealership opening hours. By utilising these kiosks, dealers can also cater for unscheduled out-of-hours appointments and unexpected vehicle recoveries.

The operational flexibility of Tjekvik’s new Outdoor kiosk means dealers can support customers with drop-offs and collections at locations away from the service reception, such as airports, railway stations and shopping centres. As well as offering enhanced customer convenience, this greater reach will ensure dealers can profit from additional business.

Intuitive design

Tjekvik’s new Outdoor solution uses the same software as Tjekvik’s existing indoor kiosks providing process consistency and ease of use for customers and dealers. Customers can check their vehicles in online from the comfort of their own homes by using Tjekvik’s mobile-optimised software to confirm appointment details and provide any additional information. When they arrive at the Outdoor kiosk, customers can confirm or update these details via touchscreen, highlight the location of their vehicle, and deposit their keys inside secure dedicated lockers built into the units. Customers can also complete the full check in process, or a no appointment drop off at the kiosk.

Tjekvik Outdoor’s water resistant design offers exceptional durability and usability in all weathers, with a strong roof protecting the unit from rain, snow and the effects of the sun. A temperature-controlled fan cools the system during hot weather, while an automatic heater ensures the kiosk continues to operate effectively during colder snaps. A 15-inch high-resolution touchscreen delivers clear and intuitive displays, with an inbuilt LED light providing clear visibility in the dark.

With many of Tjekvik’s Outdoor kiosks expected to be located in easily accessible and potentially vulnerable locations, the ability to provide first-rate security was a fundamental requirement during the design process. The ten key lockers are made from reinforced steel, with each locker featuring a concealed certified locker mechanism. A shock alarm sensor and vibration detector send an alert if breached, while extensive software and hardware penetration tests were carried out to ensure the kiosk would withstand attack. Testing has led to the product being awarded the industry-leading EN1143 certification.

By enabling customers to check their vehicles in at a time and outdoor location more convenient for them, dealers can minimise queueing and ensure service advisers are better able to provide additional support to those customers who need it. The Outdoor kiosk features LAN connectivity and is fully integrated to a dealer’s preferred dealer management system (DMS).

Dealers can promote value-added products and services – such as season-specific tyres, premium lubricants, air conditioning checks and service plans – to the consumer via the software interface. With many customers being more comfortable in choosing such items at a time to suit them, the feature takes the pressure off service advisers to upsell and will enable dealers to drive additional revenues in a consistent and measurable way.

Tjekvik’s new Outdoor self-service product is currently undergoing final acceptance testing at a selection of high-profile franchised dealerships across Europe. The full-scale introduction is expected in August 2023, with orders already placed with dealers across Europe. To learn more about Tjekvik Outdoor, visit: Outdoor Kiosk (tjekvik.com)

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