Tjekvik at Hartwell Abingdon: Self-service technology in practice

Hartwell Abingdon have done just that, using the Tjekvik self-service technology to provide customers with a quick and easy to use digital service reception. In this article, we take a look at how Tjekvik works, as well as how we have integrated with Gemini’s DMS solution to provide a seamless service.

What is Tjekvik?

Visiting your local dealership should never be difficult or stressful. You shouldn’t have to wait in long queues, only to be served by an overworked service advisor. That’s why we created Tjkevik, a digital service reception, to take the stress out of checking in at your local dealership.

Our innovative self-service technology lets your customer check-in how and when they want, whether that’s from home or at the dealership. Our dealers can even set up ‘Pick Up’ kiosks at locations like airports and service stations. That means that both you and your customers are free to focus on what really matters.

How is Tjekvik helping the Hartwell team?

Demonstrating the Tjekvik kiosk

Two months into using Tjekvik 50% of Hartwell’s customers opted for self-check-in. In just one month, they achieved over £1,200 worth of added value sales using our technology.

Hartwell’s service advisors now have more time to complete important tasks, such as serving customers who need one to one attention. Tjekvik also gives dealers the opportunity to include added value items and questions, taking away the stress of upselling and allowing the customer to choose their own journey..

The team at Hartwell set up custom added value items and questions using the Tjekvik back office to cater to their customer’s needs. In addition, a customer can use the comments field to enter additional requirements or enhance the work instruction. For example, if a customer has noticed a light bulb has gone out since their original booking, they can easily let their service advisor know when checking in at the dealership or from home. The at home check in system links instantly with the DMS system, so customer requests go straight through to the technicians job card.

At Hartwell, both older and younger customers take advantage of the check in system. For those accustomed to using technology, the digital service reception provides a quick and easy dealership experience. For those getting used to technology, service advisors are on hand to assist with the self-service process, so the next time a customer visits they can enjoy a quick and easy experience.

On activating the Tjekvik technology Michael Howard, General Manager at Hartwell Abingdon, said the integration process was ‘really very, very easy’. Gemini and Tjekvik came together to organise everything on behalf of Hartwell. After the launch Michael noticed improvement in both productivity and profitability.

How is Tjekvik’s service enhanced using the Gemini systems evolution DMS?

Integrated seamlessly into a dealership’s existing systems, Gemini’s DMS allows Tjekvik to streamline customer information, making check in quick and easy, whether from home or in the dealership.

When a customer checks in, their information is pulled from the DMS and updated in the Tjekvik software in real-time. Then, this information is transferred to the repair order, ready for the service advisor. All the information stored is automatically GDPR compliant, because Tjekvik is committed to protecting you and your customer’s data.

Gemini have the UK’s biggest open-door integration policy. That’s why their DMS solution uses a unique open systems interface LSI, designed with an API for third-party integrators. Their API is also accurate and efficient because the integrator can read our database and write back directly.

Could you be next?

The team at Hartwell Abingdon are delighted with their digital journey supported by Tjekvik and Gemini. It is seamless, efficient and easy to use, saving both the customer and service advisor valuable time. To hear it in their own words, watch their video case study. Tjekvik will bring you one step closer to improving your customer experience, so if you are interested in hearing more, request a demo here.

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