Streamlining Service Operations with Tjekvik Appointment Manager's Updated User-Friendly Design

Working on the front line as a Service Advisor within a busy aftersales department can be a demanding experience. As well as attending to a long list of customer appointments every day, there’s the challenge of keeping track of each job as it progresses through the workshop, getting to grips with the latest technical terminology, and processing payments and paperwork. It’s fair to say that the role isn’t for the faint-hearted.

To make things easier, we’re rolling out an updated version of Appointment Manager to make it easier for your teams to keep track of day-to-day appointments and service operations. The tool now incorporates added functionality and a more intuitive interface for a more streamlined operating experience.

Recognising the importance of listening to our customers, we’ve asked dealers around the world what they think about Appointment Manager; what they believed worked well and what could be improved to better support day-to-day tasks. After analysing user feedback, we’ve made a series of improvements to the platform by updating how information is organised, improving navigation, and reducing the number of clicks required to complete any given action.

Our Senior Product designer, Alex Tomev, who played a pivotal role in the update, says: “UX/UI design is a critical aspect of software development that focuses on creating interfaces that are easy to use, efficient, and effective. By considering the needs of the user and designing with accessibility and usability in mind, we can create tools that enhance the Service Advisor’s experience.”

In the case of Appointment Manager, the design and engineering teams have taken user feedback into account to create a more intuitive interface. New search function enables users to locate the information they need more efficiently. As well as being able to view the day’s appointments, users can now view upcoming bookings too, helping with future planning and organisation.

The appointment details section has also been redesigned to improve usability. The information is now presented in a more structured layout, making it easier to find the relevant details. The updated platform also provides more accurate notifications, with pop-ups confirming when customers have received messages, such as appointment confirmations or collection notifications.

Additionally, the tool's colour palette has been updated to make it easier on the eyes. Each appointment card is now white, improving text visibility and reducing the chances of eye fatigue. By incorporating these UX/UI design principles, the Appointment Manager tool has become more user-friendly and efficient, improving the overall experience for Service Advisors.

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