Olofsson bil increases added value sales by more than 50% with tjekvik

Multi-brand dealer group Olofsson Bil has continued its drive towards modernisation and commitment to providing the very best in customer service as well as increasing added value sales by more than half thanks to dealership software provider, Tjekvik.

With customer service at the core of Olofsson Bil’s ethos,the biggest challenge the business has faced in recent years has been constantly striving to provide modern, efficient and flexible solutions that make an easy, smooth process for consumers.

In keeping with that philosophy, Olofsson Bil has trialled the innovative Tjekvik system for the last year at its flagship Volkswagen dealership in Haninge Municipality, one of the region’s biggest employers and one of the most successful VW sites in the country.

As well as continuing to modernise, Olofsson Bil has reported a notable increase in the number of added value items being upsold via the Tjekvik system. Over the nine months between April and December 2021, added value sales increased from 34,000 SEK a month to 69,000 SEK, an increase of 50.7%. In total over the same period, Olofsson Bil achieved 520,000 SEK through up selling.

Tjekvik’s technology allows customers to check in their vehicle for service and maintenance procedures from home on their own devices or via check-in kiosks at the dealership site. This minimises waiting times for the consumer, increasing customer satisfaction as well as improving efficiency for the dealer staff, who can free up time that would normally be spent dealing with customers, for other tasks. In addition, dealers can tailor the added value options that are automatically presented to customers as part of the check-in process.

Annika Sundberg, Service Manager of Olofsson Bil, said: “By offering that little bit extra, we deliver service of the highest quality to our customers. We have always been seeking new and flexible ways for customers to hand in and pick up their cars from our dealership. More and more customers want these more modern solutions and the challenge for us has been to find something delivers a process that goes as smoothly as possible for our customers.”

Olofsson Bil installed Tjekvik’s software and two of its premium, touchscreen kiosks at its VW site in Haninge Municipality in April 2021 and Annika reports that both dealership staff and customers alike have found the kiosks and secure key drop function easy and intuitive to use, with between 25% and 30% of customers checking their vehicles in remotely via SMS and the same amount checking in using the kiosks on-site.

“Customers find the system simple and quick to use, saving them time out of their day,” said Annika. “Meanwhile, the staff have found that the more customers use the Tjekvik kiosks, the more pressure is relieved on them during the busy drop-off and pick-up periods of the day.” 

After a successful trial period, Olofsson Bil is now looking to roll out the Tjekvik software across many more of its sites, across all six brands it represents.

To request a demo click here https://www.tjekvik.com/demo

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