First Tjekvik customer reaches 100% self-check-in in October

October turned out to be a great month for aftersales digitisation at Group 1 Ford Farnborough. After working with Tjekvik for over two years with ever-increasing customer usage, they reached 100% self-service last month. Globally this is a first, but we are excited to see more of our dealers approaching these numbers, all driven by customer choice.

 How did they do it? Our Customer Success Manager Scott Edmunds asked Adam Donovan, the General Manager at Group 1 Farnborough:

 “The team understand Tjekvik is there to save them time, we aim to book 70 jobs a day and that is a lot of people coming to the site, usually between 7:30-9:00 and the kiosks are positioned right at the entrance so that you have to walk around them to avoid them. This means the team really value the kiosks taking customers in when we are really busy.”

What can we learn from the Ford Farnborough experience? Scott shared some of his customer success experience: There are two key steps to making your self-service strategy a successful one. Firstly, your customers need to ‘walk into’ self-service before they get to an advisor. Just like at airport self-check-in, putting your kiosk before the reception area will drive higher customer engagement. So will use a few simple ‘nudging’ techniques such as directional signage, floor stickers, and clear identification of the express self-check-in area.

Getting your aftersales team onboard and engaged with the kiosks is the second key step in digitising the check-in and check-out process at your dealership. As Adam confirmed, it was an important part of the success they’ve seen at Farnborough:

“They [the team] quickly engaged with this and realised we weren’t trying to use the kiosks to replace them, instead they are there to help them. We then have Kyle welcome people in between these [busy] times and just help them through the process at the kiosk. If the customer chooses the personal approach, he just directs them to a member of the team at service desks to help.”

The Tjekvik technology is there to reduce the pressure on the aftersales department, especially during peak times, as Adam said. This gives the service advisors the opportunity to focus on any customers that need or want one-to-one attention.

 We congratulate Group 1 on setting this new record and wish them more success with all customers.


About Tjekvik

 We built Tjekvik because we saw first-hand the need for a better way of managing the aftersales check-in and out process –and saw the potential of self-service technology to transform it. We’re now the#1 provider of self-service technologies for ambitious dealer groups and brands worldwide.

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