Engstroms Bil enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction with Tjekvik

The Swedish Engströms Bil dealer group has solved its biggest challenge over the last two years, thanks to its relationship with Tjekvik the world leading self-service dealership software provider.

The business has traditionally found that the check-in process for customers dropping off vehicles for service and maintenance procedures is slow and takes up too much time for both staff and consumers.

As well as potentially long waiting times for vehicle owners to speak to a service advisor, the morning drop-off period put a lot of pressure on dealer staff.

But, since installing Tjekvik’s innovative technology in 2020, the system has helped to alleviate both the amount of time customers spend checking in as well as freeing up time for staff to tackle other jobs that might not ordinarily get done.

Aftersales Manager, Johan Edgren, said: “The main problem we faced before was providing the facilities for customers to check in quickly for their service appointment. Like all dealers, the industry’s biggest challenges are offering enough staff availability and maintaining strong communication with customers. Tjekvik has helped us to meet all of these challenges; the biggest benefit we have seen is in the savings in time for both us and our customers.”

Tjekvik supplies software and hardware that allows dealership aftersales customers to check-in their vehicles remotely from home or using theon-site kiosks, which provide a secure key drop. Alternatively, they can complete the check-in process entirely using the kiosks. They also have the option to use the same system to check-out once the work has been completed,saving time and hassle for the consumer and relieving pressure on dealership staff, especially during the busy morning and evening periods. 

Engströms Bil, headquartered in Linköping, has installed the system in three of its four dealer sites, with each site featuring three of Tjekvik’s premium kiosks.

Around 30% of the group’s customers choose to check in remotely using the software’s SMS function, with a similar number (25%) using the on-site kiosks to check-in. Between 20% and 25% also use the kiosks to check out, which is above the average across the rest of Europe.

 The Tjekvik representative in Sweden, Mats Ohlsson, said: “The self-service option saves everyone time so it is not surprising that so many of the Engströms bil customers are making use of our system. With Covid-19 causing people concerns about social distancing too, this technology is also delivering a solution for those who are worried.

“Some people may still find the system impersonal complicated but, if customers would rather speak to a service advisor instead,they can – it’s about offering customers the choice of how they want to engage with the dealership. Increasing your level of service in this way is proven to increase the efficiency of the site, as staff are freed up to complete otherwork, as well as enhancing customer satisfaction.”

Johan concluded: “The Tjekvik system is intuitive to use,very flexible and it has made our day-to-day lives enormously easier.”

To request a demo click here https://www.tjekvik.com/demo

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